The Introduction

Terrillo Walls is a technology specialist in the fields of Big Data, Analytics / SEO, Machine Learning, large-scale web apps, mobile apps, and technical team training.

"I love solving problems that are so hard it requires me to learn something new."

The Details

The Rate

$140 per hour. The rate is non-negotiable. All time needs to be booked ahead of time. I will require half down up front. Minimum of 5 hour ($700) commitment.

Skills & Toolkit

Team Management

Lead mutliple teams of software / web developers. Including weekly 1-on-1s and performance reviews.

Team Training

Educated small and large teams on technologies such as Python, PHP, Drupal, React, Swift, Golang, Machine learning, and many others.

Web Development

Custom CMS development, Wordpress, Drupal, Concert, Ghost, & Magento.

App Development

Android (Java, Kotlin, & React Native). iOS (Objective-C, Swift, & React Native).

Big Data / Machine Learning

Solved challenges that include analysis, capture, data curation, search, sharing, storage, transfer, visualization, querying and information privacy.

Adwords & SEO

Basic and advance Search Engine Optimization for Google and Bing. Adwords Certified. Search, Display, and retargeting ads.

SEO and Adwords manager

Using Google Display Ads for startup research

Validating a startup is tricky. Using Google Display Ads to for startup validation.

Say hello to "Effie". The ultimate AI assistant in progress.

Using Machine learning concepts to build a personal assistant modeled after Jarvis from Iron Man.

Python3, Flask, and Docker in production the easy way

Flask’s built-in server is not great for production despite the fact that it’s lightweight and straightforward to use. Docker to the rescue.