Entering a new season of life. What is meaning of life?

I know when my life is at a stand still because one question repeats over and over in my head - "What is the Meaning of Life?"

This time is no different.

The idea of finding purpose and meaning in life is a fundamental and universal human quest. It is the search for a sense of direction, significance, and fulfillment in one's existence. An essential aspect of human nature that arises from our curiosity, intelligence, and self-awareness.

This time around I'm stopping and sitting with this question while stuck at a crossroad.

Do I keep going on the path I've been on or do I follow this new unknown path.

Couple of months ago I made the decision to slow things down and build up some trust again with the only option of heading into the unknown. What do I have to lose? Throwing away everything my life was before.

In order to achieve this I stop everything and focused on 3 things. Being a dad, meaningful work, and travel.

While making camp at this crossroad I've been able to start a successful technology consulting business. With the results of working less, getting paid more, and have the time for best part of my life - being a dad. I haven't work a full 40 hour work week since 2020.

Being a dad is what I live far. At start of all this I got a divorce so I'm doing coparenting. If I don't have my daughter and not woking I hop on plane. A repeatable cycle and stress free.

Picked up some new habits like meditation and hiking along the way.

Rather than dictating how you and me should live, we should create our values and our sense of purpose. We must accept that we are responsible not only for ourselves but also for all people.

Where is this path heading? Let's find out together on this journey of self expression, self discovery, building great works, and hopefully inspire others.

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Terillo Walls

Terrillo Walls

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