End of life for Stashverse

Today marks the end of life for Stashverse.

Stashverse was founded around the concept of organizing your digital life. With Smart Context Indexing - Stashverse goes beyond parsing to understand everything about a link or text to present it in the best way possible. Preview Dribbble shots, Github Repos, YouTube videos, and Pinterest pins in full detail. Stashverse extracts the article contents and removes web advertisements and other distractions to deliver a fantastic reading experience. More than just a straightforward bookmark tool.

Stashverse is no longer avaible for download in the App Store. After conducting a deep dive and customer intervews the product failed to reach Product Market Fit. Stashverse is stuck in the middle of apps like Craft and Matter. Stashverse failed at standing out in the market and retaining users.

Thanks for trying Stashverse.

Terillo Walls

Terrillo Walls

Software Consultant & Software Engineer